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Dental Crown Valencia CA

Rendering of jaw with dental crownA crown is a cap or cover that is fitted to a damaged or weakened tooth. It is also the final step in a root canal treatment. A crown restores your tooth to normal shape, size, color, and function. The skilled dentists at Erik P. Cadra DMD are here to shape and fit your crown, whether it be for repair and restoration, or to improve the appearance of your smile.

Reasons for a Crown

A crown is often the best choice for restoring a tooth that has damage beyond the range of a traditional dental filling. This may be because of a cavity that is too large to fill, a tooth that is cracked or otherwise weakened, or is badly shaped or discolored.. You may have an older restoration that is no longer repairable by simply replacing the existing material. If further decay has developed around an older filling, there may not be enough of the tooth left to support a new filling after the new decay is removed. At some point, it makes more sense to fit a crown instead of trying to preserve a weakened tooth with a large filling. A crown can make a tooth stronger, and therefore less susceptible to further damage. It can also be a cosmetic choice, as it can look much better than the existing tooth.


Crowns are available in several different materials. These include ceramic, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, metal alloy, and composite resin. The choice will depend on your desired appearance, the location and function of the tooth, position and condition of the surrounding gum tissue, and expense.

Same Day Experience

Getting a crown has traditionally been a two-visit experience. On the first visit you would have an impression or mold made of your existing teeth. Then a crown would be fabricated with a time consuming process, and you would return on another day for the placement. We offer same day service, made possible by digital imaging and our own in-office CAD/CAM machining equipment. Our team will start by using a handheld scanner, or wand, to take digital images of your existing tooth. These images are used to create a 3D picture of your tooth’s surface. This 3D image is then entered into our CAD/CAM fabrication machine, which creates your new crown in about 15 minutes. These are typically created using a CEREC machine, allowing you to have a crown in minutes instead of days. Our team will then remove material from your tooth, shaping it into a tapered cylinder, onto which your crown will be placed. We will then test-fit the crown several times, fine tuning its shape for a perfect fit and maximum comfort. Finally, the crown is permanently attached with an adhesive. An x-ray will be taken to show the crown’s final fitment, and also to serve as your new updated dental image on file. With its new crown, your tooth will be immediately functional. You may notice some temperature or pressure sensitivity initially, but you may resume normal bite pressure and chewing after a few days.

Located in Valencia, CA, and looking for the fabrication and fitting of your new crown, look to Erik P. Cadra DMD for the best possible results. Call us at 661-502-6990 to learn more about the possibilities and choices in crowns.
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Our team at Erik P. Cadra DMD can help restore beautiful smiles with dental crowns, restoring teeth to their normal shape, size, color, and function.
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