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Julia C.

Great staff, helpful, efficient, friendly. All four of my young kids do well here he is careful and gentle.

Curt H.

Wonderful experience with great hygentists. Really enjoyed meeting Dr. Cadra.

Jossie R.

You don’t really know how much your smile is worth until you lose it. Dr. Macaulay completely gave me back my smile and for this I will forever be grateful to her.

Growing up my mother’s inability to afford any extras such as dental care meant that it wasn’t a priority and it resulted in a lot of pulled teeth and hyper-anxiety when visiting a dentist. Therefore, when I found a local dentist in Santa Clarita that accepted my state insurance me and all 3 of my kids became his patients of many years and because of this there was a no questions asked type of trust built.

Due to my general non-confront of dentistry I didn’t ask the questions and I put all my faith in him. This led me to having to pay a few thousand dollars to get an implant for one of my front teeth. After 6 entire months, I finally received my implant in April of this year and by the time I went into see Dr. Macaulay in June as an emergency visit she was able to literally just pull out my implant that was starting to slowly come loose and extend down past my other teeth.

She explained what an implant process is and explain that it is impossible for one to just pull out if it was in fact inserted properly. I was devastated. Hard earned money and in just one moment my chances of salvaging this implant were gone. I learned during this visit that I also have a very serious problem with decay in my mouth, something that my now former dentist had quoted me a few thousand dollars to crown my front teeth instead of actually removing the decay.

So, I needed to return to the East Coast so not only was I completely freaking out that I was now toothless once again but I also had a flight which meant she had to adjust her schedule and she and her dental assistant Jamie who is a gem beyond all gems came in just for me on a normally closed office day. Dr. Macaulay sensing my fear and anxiety made sure to explain things to me and when they were slightly technical, Jamie somehow sensing this would jump in without any prompting to further explain the process in a way that I could completely understand. I found out later that they have been working side-by-side for 10 years and there’s something to say about such a rewarding working relationship when you can anticipate like that but Furthermore the fact that Dr. Macaulay and trust her dental assistant that much says everything to me. I could totally feel the ease and the confidence exuding from both of them and it contributed to alienating my decreasing fear as the several hour appointment started passing by!

Dr. Macaulay is an artist! She gave me my smile back! How is this possible you might ask?? She literally removed all this decay and filled in chips and cracks but most incredible of all there was a figment of tooth left in one of my front teeth (just imagine me seeing this along with my new gap from implant!) after having to remove all this decay she literally built up an entire tooth using some type of dental composite. Then she took an impression and they literally requested the local lab to please rush my new “flipper“ which is this appliance that perfectly fits in my mouth up against my soft palate which allows me to eat and if I want to keep that instead of even getting a replacement implant I can! My last dentist had fitted me with a plastic tray that had some white composite in it to imitate my missing tooth but I literally could not eat with it or sleep with it and I had to be extremely gentle with it as it was literally a flimsy plastic tray. I had no idea there was such a thing as a flipper! The only way for you to understand the magic of Dr. Macaulay work is to see the photos I have included in this review. She and her staff are absolutely nothing but professional yet extremely friendly and accommodating! This is one of those very rare reviews where i world give her a 100 stars if I could!!!!

Christi S.

Great service, fair prices and kind staff. Would definitely recommend!
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