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Sports Mouthguard Valencia CA

Kid wearing football gear and holding sports mouthguardHigh impact sports, whether sanctioned by schools, community organizations, or private groups, present a risk of serious orofacial injuries. Before you or your child engage in contact sports, let Erik P. Cadra DMD use our expertise to fit you with a custom made mouthguard. Don’t risk painful and possibly permanent injuries that take time to heal and are potentially very expensive. Choose the high level of safety that our mouthguards have to offer.

All The Big Kids

There is a reason that all professional athletes wear the best, highest quality mouthguard when playing sports. No NFL quarterback would ever dream of heading out onto the field without this level of protection. In addition to the pain of severe orofacial injuries, the recovery time represents extensive loss of work. This affects not just the athlete’s own career, but the financial stability of an entire sports organization.

You or your child may not be playing at the level of professional athletes, but you can experience the exact same injuries. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry reports that sports injuries are responsible for up to 39% of all dental injuries in children. While recovering from these painful injuries, your child can lose time at school, and may not be able to participate in other normal activities for the duration of the recovery.

Cheap Versus Good

You can purchase an inexpensive, over the counter rubber mouthguard from most sporting goods stores. They provide the least amount of protection. They come in limited stock sizes, and must be held in place by constantly biting down.

Another over the counter type is the so-called “boil and bite” mouthguard. It is heated in boiling water, then the wearer places it in their mouth and bites down, forming an impression in the thermoplastic. This results in a better fit than the rubber type, but there is not much control over the structural integrity or consistency of thickness. And they typically do not last for a whole sports season.

A custom made mouthguard, created by our dentists, offers the highest level of protection and the most comfort. We use a pressure-laminated method, which is industry standard. This results in a mouthguard that fits much better than the over the counter types, is less bulky, and is much more comfortable. As such, the wearer ends up leaving it in the mouth for longer durations. There is no need to remove it for a “rest period,” and since it interferes only minimally with speech, the family’s star quarterback can call out signals clearly.

Custom Made Means Tailored to the Sport

Our team can create several different mouthguards for you that are optimized for particular sports. Skiing or sledding type activities usually involve more impacts to the side areas of the face, while boxing, wrestling, or basketball typically cause more impacts to the front teeth. We can vary the thickness of the material in different areas of the mouthguard to adjust the level of protection for a certain type of activity.

Our office is proud to offer other preventative services, including oral cancer screenings, periodontal care, and more!

For your custom made orofacial protection needs, trust Erik P. Cadra DMD to deliver the highest level of comfort and protection. Call us today at 661-259-7272 to get fitted for your own signature mouthguard!
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Before you or your child engage in contact sports, let Erik P. Cadra DMD use our expertise to fit you with a custom made mouthguard. Call today to get fitted!
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