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Your Valencia Dentist

Beautiful older Black couple speaking with dentist about his practice- at Erik P. Cadra DMD in Valencia, CA Erik P. Cadra, DMD, is your Valencia Dentist. He and his office offer a wide variety of dental services in order to meet all of your dental needs. We specialize in preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implant restoration, and family dentistry. Dr. Cadra and his team want to help our patients maintain healthy oral hygiene and feel comfortable during your visit at our Erik P. Cadra DMD office.While we offer and perform several services here at Erik P. Cadra, DMD, three of our most common procedures include tooth extraction, Invisalign, and dental implants.

Tooth Extraction

Adult teeth are meant to be preserved throughout our whole life, but there are many reasons why it could be beneficial to remove a problematic tooth. A single tooth can be responsible for teeth crowding, infections, or the inability to perform certain dental procedures (such as getting braces). Furthermore, it can also threaten the overall stability of your bite, if said tooth becomes broken. Fortunately, dental extractions help prevent these issues and are extremely common. Our professionals at Erik P. Cadra DMD can perform this procedure, allowing you to regain control of your dental health.


Invisalign are clear aligner trays used to straighten your teeth. They are a great new alternative to traditional metal braces with wires and brackets. Invisalign are nearly invisible, hence the name, and that is one aspect that makes this orthodontic choice so desirable.

There are many other benefits to Invisialign as well. Unlike metal braces, which are permanently cemented to your teeth during treatment, Invisalign are clear aligner trays that can be removed. Aligners are to be worn 22 hours a day, and can be removed while eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth. This makes cleaning your teeth much easier, as compared to braces.

The Invisalign treatment is typically shorter than traditional braces as well. While treatment will vary depending on the amount of tooth alignment needed, patients tend to wear Invisalign for a shorter duration than braces.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular option for people who have missing teeth, but not everybody is a good candidate. Contact our experts at Erik P. Cadra DMD to find out if you are the right candidate for dental implants. For a tooth restoration that looks, feels, and performs like your own, dental implants cannot be beaten. Surgically positioned into the jawbone, the implant acts in the same way as a tooth root. It is invisible because it is hidden under the gum line, but it forms a secure footing on which to place a dental crown (the artificial tooth).

Dental implants may replace just one tooth, or several teeth as part of a dental bridge. Two implants may be used to secure an implant-supported denture, and four implants may be placed to hold a complete arch of teeth as part of an All-on-4® procedure. There is no doubt that implants are a robust, flexible treatment.

At Dr. Erik P. Cadra, DMD, we are your Valencia Dentist! Visit our office today at Erik P. Cadra DMD for all of your dental-related needs. We are here to serve you and look forward to helping you smile brighter! Give us a call at 661-259-7272.
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Your Valencia Dentist | Erik P. Cadra DMD
Erik P. Cadra, DMD, is your professional Valencia Dentist. He and his office offer a wide variety of dental services in order to meet all of your dental needs.
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